_ is a screen in the present area which shows order status. The customer doesn’t need to wait near the cash desk until their order is ready. They will be able to monitor the status of their order on the screen and avoid crowds in the present area. It reduces the queue during rush hours in your restaurant, it also allows you to reduce the number of cash desks to 30% without any loss of service speed_>

r_keeper system designed for restaurants with service at tables. Managers of this type of service companies should pay attention to the following modules: Mobile Waiter, Table reservation. Three system modules are required to run the system: Cashier Module, Manager Module, Warehouse Module. You need to purchase Monitoring Modules for remote control of the restaurant operation.

The r_keeper solution is well a specifically for fast food companies. Fast Food business managers should pay attention to the following r_keeper modules: Second Cashier Screen, VDU – Kitchen Module, Big Screen Menu, Electronic Line, Self-service Terminal, End of Line, Self-service terminal. These modules are written specifically for the specific requirements of a fast-food company.