How long does it take to implement a r_keeper system in a company?

It always depends on several factors (how long the client is able to master the system, how to collect data, whether the construction work follows the plan, or at the moment there is all the necessary hardware available, etc.), but the implementation of the system usually takes 3-4 weeks.

How and when does staff training work with the r_keeper system?

Training can be done either at the customer or at the UCS office, depending on the situation.

How much does a r_keeper system cost?

It is very difficult to say specific costs because they are depence by several factors. For each client, the most suitable solution for him is developed, taking into account the relevant program modules and hardware.

Is it necessary to buy cash register in addition?

No, because the r_keeper system is fiscal and is certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.

Are UCS provides service maintenance?

By concluding a service agreement, UCS provides 24h service / 7 days a week.

If the POS does not work, how long will the UCS service engineer arrive?

Mostly it will not be longer than 1.5-3 hours. 4 hours is the maximum response time for the call.

How is the POS record in the VID?

Registration of the cash register system according to the new rules takes place at the EDS (, in which our specialists enter the start data and the client takes account from their account, more to the SRS does not have to go.

Does the r_keeper system provide complete accounting?

Does the r_keeper system provide complete accounting records?

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