_allows you to automate the process of production as well as cost price  management in your restaurant effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it helps you to organize purchases and to control your employee actions.




_Complete record-keeping control in one database for any configuration of your business, from small restaurants to complex combination of legal entities, companies and subdivisions.
_Possibility to customize various accounting units, for one product in different types of documents.
_Automatic document flow chain, from the finished goods sale at the checkout to raw materials order from the supplier.
_All possible cooking options in one calculation map.
_Everything is taken into account there, either it is cooked from raw materials in the factory-kitchen or regenerated from the semi-finished products in the restaurant.

_Automatic goods discarding at closing time in r_keeper.
_Complete accounting of surpluses and shortages, which can be traced back to the original documents, permanent control of any deviations.
_The process of transferring the goods from one warehouse to another with the confirmation from the receiving party allows you to organize financial staff responsibility correctly.
_Warehouse inventory is fulfilled not only on the basis of the actual raw balances, but also on balances ready meals and semi-finished products with automatic unfolding calculation cards.

r_keeper system designed for restaurants with service at tables. Managers of this type of service companies should pay attention to the following modules: Mobile Waiter, Table reservation. Three system modules are required to run the system: Cashier Module, Manager Module, Warehouse Module. You need to purchase Monitoring Modules for remote control of the restaurant operation.

The r_keeper solution is well a specifically for fast food companies. Fast Food business managers should pay attention to the following r_keeper modules: Second Cashier Screen, VDU – Kitchen Module, Big Screen Menu, Electronic Line, Self-service Terminal, End of Line, Self-service terminal. These modules are written specifically for the specific requirements of a fast-food company.