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Paging system for restaurants

U_C_S offers JTECH  paging systems.

Why do you need paging systems in restaurants?

– If you have a very visited restaurant and your guests are often waiting in line to get some table, the pager will make the waiting process less boring – the customer will feel more relaxed. Guests can enjoy a drink at the bar or browse the restaurant market place. When the table is ready to guests, they will send a signal.
– If your restaurant has many rooms, it is sometimes difficult for waiters to keep track of the wishes of all their clients, and this is where a pager can help call the waiter to the table. The company has the ability to receive more orders and serve customers more efficiently.
– If you have fast food company, a paging system can make it easier for customers to place an order. When the order is accepted, the customer receives the pager and can go to the desk and wait for the pager signal that his order is ready.
– A paging system helps to quickly tell to waiters that the food is ready for the customer.

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