U_C_S is engaged in the following main directions:

– automation and maintenance of public catering companies through r_keeper systems;
-installation and maintenance of hotel management system Shelter;
-The introduction of the Premiere ticket sales solution in cinema networks, theaters and large entertainment complexes;
-Distribution of sports clubs, aqua parks, SPA administration solution subscriptions.

All our work is devoted to working with our client to have a sense of security, their importance and a great deal of competitive ability, so that the client has all the tools to become leaders in the market and enjoy the pleasure of our cooperation.

About us

The U_C_S group of companies is one of the most well-known companies in Latvia, which introduces specialized computerized accounting and management systems in hospitality establishments.

The history of the company U_C_S began in 1992, when it was founded by some young talented students. Since then, U_C_S has grown into a large company that successfully operates in several countries in the world, including the Baltic States. The company’s credo is to continuously follow the new trends and develop HoReCa automation solutions, establish partnerships with customers based on mutual trust and respect.

Currently, the r_keeper system has been used by over 50,000 restaurants worldwide: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Vietnam, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain. , Egypt, Spain, Mongolia, Turkey and other countries.

U_C_S has been operating in the Baltic States since 1999, offering a solution to the complex of r_keeper hospitality companies. Our solutions can be fully customized to any customer’s requirements. The solutions developed by U_C_S have evolved over the years thanks to the collaboration with the most professional hospitality companies. We always strive to offer the most advanced solutions on the market, using the latest technological capabilities, which allows our customers to gain a foothold over other players in the market.

Our Clients

We have good team for work and entertiment.

Our Partners