Automation sports and SPA centers.

U_C_S  offers “GYMGEST” product – the spa and fitness clubs, skating, skiing complexes or water park management and automation.

Solution for a sports club and SPA center:

– Event / activity / procedure booking functions on a certain day and time.
– Registration of customers in the program and their data storage in the database. Client’s Additional Information Window Menu.
– Flexible, customizable discount system.
– Task Scheduler: Schedule of specific trainers / specialist classes / procedures, list of groups and individual exercises, automatic division of classes according to the type of subscription purchased by the client. Quick search of the event by a specific specialist, time, date, client, resource.
– Setting up a flexible tariff system for attending a sports club. Tariff in seconds, minutes, hours. It is possible to configure any tariff based on customer requirements.
– Automatic creation of events after a sold subscription. Ability to stop (sickness, leave). Long-term subscription payment automatic split.
– Automatic database preservation every day.
– and other features.