WHY BioTime ?

The use of biometric time, attendance and access control solutions efficiently minimizes the risk of miscalculations and cheating that are still possible with older card-based systems. BioLink BioTime is a perfect fit for companies of any size, operating from a single location or having a network of offices, warehouses and production facilities.

BioTime system ensures that employees don’t forget about check-ins and check-outs when traveling between the company’s locations, eliminates the risk of “buddy punching” and channels all relevant information to the central server application for analysis, processing and report generation.

– BioTime significantly reduces time and attendance costs.
– Collects on-line information about an employee’s presence in the office.
– Supports easy schedule creation and physical access rules.
– Generates various reports based on a variety of criteria.
– Integrates to existing payroll system.
– Allows you discrete control of employee access to secured, highly restricted areas and checkpoints.
– Create and manage areas, checkpoints, access schedules and rules enabling customizationof authorized access for an individual employee, a department or for the entire company.
– Makes it easy to keep track of all employee movements across all company offices from a central server.

Full List of BioTime Features:

– Employees worktime tracking;
– Scheduling;
– Flexible work schedules;
– Automated payroll calculation;
– Integration with payroll systems;
– Support for a large branch network (remote offices);
– 16 types of reports;
– Saving reports in multiple formats (html, xml, xls);

– Setting up holidays and weekends;
– Setting the reasons for the absence (sick, business trip, etc.);
– Rules for the registration of events;
– Setting up software access rights;
– Counting the lunch period;
– The night hours counting;
– Creating and editing of job positions;
– Support for various identifiers (fingerprint, card, PIN);
– Access Control ;
– Setting permissions for access to the premises;
– Reports on visitors to the premises.

How Does it Work?

BioLink BioTime is extremely flexible in terms of scheduling and setting attendance rules, so early check-ins and midnight checkouts won’t be a problem. You define who can enter a specific location and when – and the system will do the rest. And with powerful reporting capabilities that BioTime has to offer, precise calculation of your employees’ hours will be a breeze!

BioTime is a perfect solution for:

– Employees attendance tracking and control of physical access, using both standard means of identification (contactless card, passwords, PIN codes) and biometric ones (fingerprints).
– Creation and management of access schedules and rules regulating employee access to restricted areas and checkpoints.
– Employee time analysis and reports generated based on verified check in and checkout events.
– Automation of time-keeping routines and management of absences.