ericsoft software


This solution is designed for various hotels, motels, camping sites, camping sites and includes Ericsoft software and various technical solutions.

Advantages of the program:

  • comfortable work with the list of rooms;
  • various room reservation options;
  • simple organization and distribution of group accommodation;
  • Connections to external devices: the program maintains connection with electronic key systems, PayTv system, etc.
  • aikne with restaurant automation system r_keeper, with accounting systems, with resource management system Abonements.

Ericsoft is an Italian company  which works in hospitality business since 1995.

As a result of constant investments in Research and Development, they have become leaders in the sale of property management systems in Italy, developing revenue oriented systems designed to improve business performance. Today they offer a broad range of modules and professional applications for the HoReCa industry, suitable for any type of business, from independent properties to chains.

r_keeper – restaurant automation system. Have a connection with SHELTER.

StoreHouse – warehouse tracking system. Have a connection with SHELTER.