The main r_keeper system's purpose is to increase the company's profits.

r_keeper is a reliable software for catering businesses working all over the world for more than 20 years. This system is popular between restaurants, bars and cafes due to its high quality, flexibility, and easy-to-use interface. r_keeper helps users manage their catering facility more efficiently and less time consuming, collect and transfer various kinds of useful information, allows to follow and control catering activities, reduce costs and save time. It has lots of configuration possibilities allowing it to adapt to any kind of catering facility, r_keeper provides restaurant owners with important reports and statistics so they can reach their business goals faster and easier.

The r_keeper7 cash register system is compliant with MK96 regulations and is registered in the SRS database


r_keeper benefits:

  • The system works fast and simple, so the staff spend less time on transfering the information and accepting the payments. Order information is sent to the kitchen printer, so waiters dont need to physically get there to let the the cooks know of the order. Even special requests, such as to change the ingredients or bring a certain dish later can be registered electronically and sent to the kitchen or bar.
  • Work is fast even at full capacity – all the cash registers can be connected to a network that is managed from a single simple configuration computer with zero delay.
  • Changing the menu is easy and fast, because the information does not need to be exported-imported. The manager can just change and save the menu and the new information will appear in all the computers in real time.
  • Sales, purchases and costs are registered and easily exported to any accounting software.
  • Statistical reports can be printed in real time from any register, including the report of refused dishes, discounts given, barman or waiter turnover, turnover for each register, floor, room, etc.
  • System collects and saves data about the employees, so finance specialist can easily use them, for example, to calculate the salaries.
  • The system supports tablets with the specially adapted r_keeper software. They fit in one hand, so the waiters can accept the orders and send them to the kitchen directly at the table.
  • Easy-to-use and quick-to-learn user interface.
  • All the cash registers can be grouped by floor or room and have a separate menu.
  • Future menu can be created in advance without interfering with the current menu. It will automatically change on the selected date and time.
  • The system can be connected to the scales so the weight and the price are shown when selecting the dish.
  • Internal company (company group) credit/debit system.
  • Option for registering employee meals.
  • Automatically or manually given discounts during certain time periods or for different dish categories.
  • r_keeper supports payments in different currencies.
  • Slip-printing function that allows to create a template for bill printing where it is also possible to add information about discounts, events, offers and so on.
  • “Tree” stucture menu – easy to create and edit.
  • Possibility to have multilingual kitchen orders, bills or system interface in case of international staff or guests.
  • Fast and reliable control of remaining products.
  • Staff control – statistical and direct control methods recognized all over the world.
  • Many unexpected situations are already anticipated in r_keeper, so is easy to make changes and adapt to such situations as a waiter getting sick, guests changing tables or even rooms, refusals of dishes and so on.Software can’t break down on its own.UCS Baltic offers convenient and free system updates for clients that have a service contract with us, so r_keepr users are always keeping up with the new technologies.