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Allows you to automate the process of production as well as cost price  management in your restaurant effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it helps you to organize purchases and to control your employee actions.

StoreHouse  functions:

  • Goods movement accounting (receive, expenditure, subtraction, procurement etc.)
  • Dish calculation (automatic self-cost calculation)
  • Fully automated goods and semi-products subtraction on the basis of dish realization with the use or without the use of interchangeable products
  • Multifunctional inventory including semi-products inventory
  • Entering and storage of data about all the production procedures, units of measures, correspondents, currencies, sales tax rates and VAT, accounting, etc.
  • Data exchange with StoreHouse BackOffice

Data is calculated by FIFO method and it is transferred to the Back office and easily interfaced to the accounting programs.

System of inventory accounting automation StoreHouse developed by UCS allows to fully control the process of managing the production in the enterprise. From ordering, menu cards, and inventory control Storehouse is interfaced with many accounting programs to enhance smooth flow of data.


U_C_S offers simplified inventory management without the use of a calculation card warehouse management. It is more difficult to control the movement of goods, but the labor costs are reduced by 4 times. This method is very popular in the United States, where mass caterers are more closely controlled by the statistical analysis method. In this case, you need to be active weekly or monthly to observe the relationship between cost and sales. In the case of this percentage increase, it means the cost price grows faster than sales. This may be due to an increase in purchasing prices or maliciousness of employees. Restaurant management should then analyze this situation and take steps to eliminate the causes of the increase in the cost.

_Complete record-keeping control in one database for any configuration of your business, from small restaurants to complex combination of legal entities, companies and subdivisions.
_Possibility to customize various accounting units, for one product in different types of documents.
_Automatic document flow chain, from the finished goods sale at the checkout to raw materials order from the supplier.