_is an individually configurable performance monitoring screen, which allows you to track their dynamics in a convenient manner online analyze the data, track the dynamics of changes over time and quickly manage their deviations from the goals_>

> access from any device via a convenient web interface
> simple and convenient monitoring restaurant efficiency indicators
> constant expansion of widget range


r_keeper system designed for restaurants with service at tables. Managers of this type of service companies should pay attention to the following modules: Mobile Waiter, Table reservation. Three system modules are required to run the system: Cashier Module, Manager Module, Warehouse Module. You need to purchase Monitoring Modules for remote control of the restaurant operation.

The r_keeper solution is well a specifically for fast food companies. Fast Food business managers should pay attention to the following r_keeper modules: Second Cashier Screen, VDU – Kitchen Module, Big Screen Menu, Electronic Line, Self-service Terminal, End of Line, Self-service terminal. These modules are written specifically for the specific requirements of a fast-food company.